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What Actually is Shared Hosting

If you have made a decision to create your own personal website, but are not quite certain about what a web site is and are unfamiliar with the term "shared hosting", this article is devoted to clarifying these concepts in simple words.

What exactly is a web site?

A website is an amalgamation of webpages gathered in a systematic fashion. It has a special address, also known as a URL (Uniform Resource Locator). A web site may include only one single web page and sometimes may even consist of as many as 1000 web pages.

What is a web hosting server?

A hosting server enables you to upload your web site onto it. In some instances, there might be even 1000's of web sites on one single hosting server. The hosting server essentially is a computer with special hardware, which is kept in a datacenter with special cooling systems, whose purpose is to safeguard the seamless functioning of the server and all the web sites located on it.

To summarize, a web hosting server will be indeed a launching pad when the time comes for you to launch your site. It could be any kind of website - a business web site consisting of many web pages, or a site, which is comprised of just a couple of webpages and which you have built simply for your buddies and family members.

You've decided what your website will be, now what?

Once you have reached a decision about what sort of site you would like to create, the next move is to discover what type of web hosting service you must choose for your Internet project. Essentially, there are two types of website hosting services - cost-free hosting services and paid website hosting services. The charge-free website hosting solution is normally utilized by customers that do not have a business-related web site.

Advantages and disadvantages of the free website hosting solution

You will not obtain plenty of options with a charge-free hosting plan. Features such as web traffic, RAM memory and web hosting server storage space are restricted and insufficient for an elaborate web shop or a business web site, or even for a site with a lot of artwork. In addition, there are lots of banner adverts placed on your site by the hosting plans provider. These ads occupy plenty of space on your website and are extremely frustrating.

Shared website hosting

The professional paid shared website hosting services tend to be more stable and include lots of sophisticated features in addition to the high-quality hosting server that will host your site and its data. However, it is important to find out which features your web site needs prior to purchasing your web hosting plan. You should not rush and wind up investing cash in something that your web site does not need.

Pick your web hosting distributor

It is not hard to find a web hosting vendor. You have to simply carry out an online search in order to find a web hosting provider that meets your website's demands. Before you take your actual choice, take a glance at the features of the packages furnished by the hosting service providers that have grabbed your attention. We, for example, are among the top-notch website hosting providers on the marketplace at the moment. The enormous range of services and our prices are what renders us an alluring option. Nevertheless, you must establish what type of hosting service you need and if the price corresponds to your budget. Furthermore, you must not forget to take a look at the hosting vendor's ToS before registering to confirm that your web site is not abusing them.

Opening a website hosting account

As soon as you have determined what features are most important for your site, the next move is to sign up for an account with the web hosting supplier of your choice. You will get all the needed tools for managing your files and databases. With us, for instance, you will get a web hosting Control Panel, which consists of domain name, website, database and e-mailbox account management areas. You log into the hosting Control Panel using a unique user name and password, which gives you secure access to the portion of the hosting server where your web site will be hosted.

Uploading your web site

You can either upload your website through an FTP program or, as is with the majority of web hosting companies, through an online tool that is included within the hosting Control Panel. With us, the File Manager is quite intuitive and offers features similar to those found in Windows Explorer, which makes file manipulation exceptionally easy. We offer additionally a site builder and a PHP-driven script installer, which you can utilize to develop your web site if you have no programming experience and are taking your very first steps in web design. The web-based site builder, called SiteStudio, will also save you the time and effort of creating a website on your computer and then uploading it using an FTP client or the File Manager tool.